I’m a girl who learnt how to bake in my mum’s and granny’s kitchens.  My speciality in those days was licking the spoon.  I’ll always remember my granny telling me not to bang your spoon/spatula on the side of the bowl of cake mix, because you’d knock all the air out of it; and, my mum telling me that granny always made her line the cake tins.  Granny must have hated lining cake tins – it was one of the first things she taught me and it was always my job too.

I like making cakes and other sweet treats.  I started to think that maybe my constant stream of Facebook updates and photos were looking a bit smug.  A bit look at me and how clever I am.  I wasn’t trying to be that person, I just like documenting my bakes.  So that’s where this blog came from.  Also, I love reading other people’s baking blogs – thought I’d join in the fun.

Thanks for dropping by!


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