puppy dog tales

I’d thought about starting a blog about my time spent in a kitchen for a while.  I think I’d even got so far as to save its name on a blog server somewhere.  But then, I didn’t.  (Good story, huh?)  However, as I have found with some regularity in the past nine months, my Guide Dog puppy (Ember) landed me in a position slightly outside my comfort zone last week; and, as a result, here we are.  Let me tell you.

This is Ember.


Total puppy dog love of my life, I have no shame in admitting.  As I write this, she is in her customary position, lying at my feet.  The best wee pal.  Anyway, Ember is in training to be a Guide Dog and has been with us since she was 7 weeks old.  She’ll leave at 14 months and my heart will break.  I’m getting sidetracked.  How did Ember make me start a blog?

Well, as a result of Ember and her many canine chums, we had a Puppy Party last week to celebrate 100 Guide Dog pups having been Puppy Walked in Northern Ireland.  (We even made the news – look!)  It was quite an experience – 37 pups in one hotel function room – but such a fun celebration.  I was due to make some cupcakes to share, but this got upgraded to a cake – the cake – and I got a bit of stage fright.  I’d never made a professional cake before; and, by that I mean, covered in fondant with handmade decorations.

After much browsing of Pinterest, baking blogs and Facebook, I came up with the idea and spent a lot of time watching this video on youtube.  In any case, it was baked, crumb coated, buttercreamed, iced and decorated over a couple of evenings; and, I really was quite pleased with it in the end.  I didn’t get a great picture of it (dark coloured pups are hard to photograph: real or fondant!) but hopefully you get the idea.


Since the Puppy Party, one of the other Guide Dog volunteers has asked me to so something similar for her son’s engagement party cake – but with King Charles Spaniels!  This will be my very first bit of paid baking and I feel a bit apprehensive about it.  Will it work out?  Am I up to the challenge?  What on earth do you charge?!

And here we are.  That’s the back story to the blog.  A combination of cataloguing my bakes and therapy as I take on tasks I’m not sure I’m ready for!  Next step: pick a colour scheme and design for the engagement cake.  Oh, and plan a cake for my sister’s birthday… which is the SAME DAY as the engagement party!!  No joke.


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